5 Cancun nightclubs you don’t want to miss

Cancun nightlife is legendary; from top to bottom this is a party city. Nowhere is this more evident than the party centre of Cancun’s hotel zone; a cluster of bars, restaurants and nightclubs that are open till sunrise. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable night of partying you won’t go wrong visiting one of these:

1. Mandala

You’ll know when you’ve arrived at Mandala with its big open façade, on the other side of which is a large open space with plush oriental decoration and the best in house, electro and hip-hop to dance the night away. Mandala Beach Club next door is open in the daytime and is a great place to get you in the partying mood.

Vida Nocturna en Cancún

2. Palazzo

Palazzo offers something different to your run-of-the-mill nightclubs. Its glamourous décor makes it the perfect spot for a fun and chic night of house, electro, and pop.

vida nocturna en Cancún

3. Dady’O

Dady’O is a Cancun institution. Opened in 1989, the building takes the form of a cave emerging from the sea. Whether there’s a bikini contest, lingerie night or Mardi Gras special, a night at Dady’O will remain long in the memory.

vida nocturna en Cancún

4. La Vaquita

Sometimes you just want to go out and have a good time without having to worry too much about what to wear and whether you have enough money or not. La Vaquita solves this dilemma for you. The smallest club on this list punches way above its weight and is the place to really let your hair down with its real party atmosphere and the latest hits blaring from the sound system.

vida nocturna en Cancún

5. The City

Latin America’s largest nightclub consists of three floors with a capacity for 6,000 revellers. Here you’ll find world-class DJ’s spinning their tunes and creating an electric atmosphere. The City is a super club in every sense of the word, providing an experience like no other. This colossus is a must for all partygoers.

vida nocturna en Cancún

These are some of the best nightclubs in Cancun and what’s more they’re all within walking distance of each other. Grab your tickets for any one of these clubs at the Grupo Mandala kiosks found in our hotels.

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Cancun True or False Game

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20 activities to do on your vacations

Our region is filled with natural beauty and fun for all visitors; discover this for yourself with these 20 fantastic activities to do when on vacation with us.

1. Tulum


Whether it’s to visit the breathtaking archaeological zone or just to relax on its tranquil white sandy beaches, a trip to Tulum is a must on your next visit to Cancun.

2. Xcaret


Perhaps Mexico’s most famous adventure park, Xcaret boasts aquatic activities, traditional Mexican shows and the chance to get up close and personal with many animal species.

3. Xplor

maxresdefault (1)

If you like adventures then Xplor is for you. Zip-lines, amphibious vehicles and underground rivers await you at this activity park.

4. Ventura Park


Cancun’s latest attraction offers a rollercoaster, go-karts, virtual reality video games and aquatic activities; furthermore its Hotel Zone location makes it easy to get to.

5. Selvatica


One for adrenaline junkies. This newly renovated adventure park has won a ton of accolades and for good reason. Here you can race through the jungle in off-road vehicles, take to the skies on the Tarzania rollercoaster and test your mettle by bungee jumping.

6. Coba


Deep in the jungle is the ancient Mayan city of Coba. Make your way up Mexico’s tallest pyramid and take a bike ride through the jungle tracks to visit the different sites and lakes that can be found.

7. Chichen Itza


One of the 7 New Wonders of the World, if you have just one day free then a visit to Chichen Itza is a must. Over a thousand years of history await you.

8. Isla Mujeres


This tranquil island about 30 minutes from Cancun is the perfect place to spend a day out.

9. Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue, Playa del Carmen)

maxresdefault (2)

Playa del Carmen’s most famous street, filled with shops, restaurants and bars. A great way to get to know more of the Mexican Caribbean.

10. MUSA

CANCUN, MEXICO - JANUARY 31: ***EXCLUSIVE*** Hombre en Llamas (Man on Fire) depicts a lone figure standing upright and defiant. The sculpture is installed 8m deep in the clear Caribbean waters surrounding the island of Isla Mujeres at a location named Manchiones. The cement figure has been drilled with over 75 holes and is currently being planted with live cuttings of fire coral (Millepora alcicorni). January 31, 2005. Deep under the seas of the Mexican Caribbean these statues look like relics of an ancient civilisation. Located in the National Marine Park, on the west coast of Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc, it will be the world's largest undetwater sculpture museum. Showing three life size sculptures are the first of 400 that will be laid on the seabed over the next 13 months. Founded by Jaime Gonzalez Cano of The National Marine Park, Roberto Diaz of The Cancun Nautical Association and renowned British underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, the underwater museum is designed to celebrate the Mayan history of the region and act as an artificial reef. (Photo by Jason de Caires / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

The world’s first underwater museum consists of over 500 underwater sculptures at two sites; one near the Grand Oasis Sens and the other off the Isla Mujeres coastline.

11. Scuba diving


Our crystal clear waters boast a plethora of sea life, making our region the perfect place to scuba dive.

12. Exotic Rides


Drive the car of your dreams through the sun-drenched streets of Cancun or take to the track to race some of the fastest cars in the world.

13. Mayan Museum


The Mayan Museum, next door to the Grand Oasis Cancun, showcases many Mayan artefacts and ruins and offers a fascinating look at this remarkable civilization.

14. Jungle Tour


Speed, water, jungle, adventure; this Cancun activity has it all!

15. Fishing


Fewer things in life are more satisfying than catching your own lunch. Add to that sun, the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea and a few beers, and you’ve got yourself the perfect day out!

16. Whale sharks


Take to the water to swim with these harmless majestic animals; a truly unforgettable experience.

17. Jet skis


Jump the waves and race your partner along the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean.

18. Hoverboard


Ever wanted to ride a hoverboard? Make your wish come true as you fly high above the water.

19. Captain Hook pirate ship


Take to the seas for a swashbuckling adventure as a pirate of the Caribbean. Come aboard for food, drink, music, games and lots of fun!

20. Helicopter tour


You won’t find a better way to view our destination than this, just don’t forget your camera!

For more information and to book any of these activities please visit the website of our sister company Caribe Maya who will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have; www.caribemaya.com.mx/en.



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10 things to do at Oasis

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It’s time to go on vacation!

Summer is on its way, the favourite time of year to take a break, and if it includes being close to the beach then all the better. And let’s face it; there are fewer beaches more breathtaking than those in the Mexican Caribbean. Still not convinced? Let us see what your heart and brain think on the matter…

To book your vacation just click here: www.oasishotels.com

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